Fix your Credit Report as early as possible. It is important that you do it soon since the errors and mistakes in your credit report can damage your credit report rating, affecting your credibility.

Whenever you receive your credit report, you should thoroughly check it, from top to bottom, to check any inaccurate information or for any errors and mistakes in the annual credit report. As soon as you discover the errors or mistakes in your yearly credit report, immediately refer to credit report repair services.

Since we know the importance of credit report score, therefore, we have provide you with the following guidelines that shall help you to fix your free credit report or your personal credit report all by yourself.

1. Get free annual credit report
Get your annual credit report. We are offering free annual credit report to you. For more details, please click on free yearly credit report.

2. Analyze and point out
Make a detail analysis of the report. Read and understand each and everything that the report contains. If some items in the report have any wrong information or are questionable, mark them as negative items. Remember that you should be notifying the most damaging item first.

3. Corrections and disputes
Request for the correction of the negative item in your report. Challenge everything that you have doubtful items.

4. Registered or certified mail
Make sure that everything has been sent properly via registered or certified mail. This is important for you.

5. Proper documentation
Keep all the documents, records of your conversations, and letters. Make a proper documentation and record of all these things.

6. Investigation
The credit agencies are obliged to undertake investigation within 5 days after receiving your letters and documents. They are also bound to resolve the dispute within 30 days limit. Once the investigation is completed, the consumer receives a written notice within 5 days of completion of the report. If errors are revealed in your report, you may ask the agency for a new report telling them to send it to all those who have received it in the past 6 months.

Always remember to make a detailed analysis of your credit report. This is the most important aspect if you wish to Fix your Credit Report.