Credit Report Dispute letter should be written to the credit reporting agencies as soon as you find any inaccuracies or mistakes in your free yearly credit report. Both the credit rating agency and the organization have the responsibility of correcting the incorrect information provided.

First, you need to inform the agency about the information you think is inaccurate, wrong or invalid in your free annual credit report, in writing. Also, provide all the copies, not originals, of the supporting documents.

You should also inform your creditors and other credit providers about the dispute item in writing. As before, you should attach all the copies of the supporting documents.

Remember to clearly identify each and every inaccurate or incorrect item appearing in your yearly credit report, according to you. You should not only notify these items, but should also explain your reasons, state the facts, requesting for the complete deletion or correction of the item.

Send your letter through a certified mail, requesting a return receipt, so that you can document everything properly. Also, keep all the copies and documents of all the letters, mails sent and received.

The agency usually starts their investigation within 30 days. The dispute letter is also forwarded to the information providing organization. Thereafter the information provider looks into the disputes, investigates it, and reports the results to the agency.

The inaccurate information is reported to the credit bureau report to correct it in your annual credit report. In addition, at your request, the agencies will send your free copy of credit report to all those who have received it in the past 6 months.

However, if the negative information is accurate, they are going to stay for next 7 years in your free credit report.

Always remember to enclose the copies of all your supporting documents with the letters. Attach only copies and not originals. Keep the originals with you.